Year 9 Options

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For the last few years, students have selected their options subjects in year 8 to allow them to personalise their curriculum from year 9, giving a 3 year Key stage 4. Following a full curriculum review at the Academy, year 9 has now become part of key stage 3, giving three years for key stage 3. This model is aligned to the majority of secondary schools across the county and gives students the opportunity to study the full range of National curriculum subjects for three full years giving time to deepen and broaden knowledge and skill sets.

This means that students will now select their options in year 9, ready to start key stage 4 in year 10.

The current year 9 students are a transition year as we move year 9 fully into key stage 3. In year 9, these students have studied special interest subjects (SIS) in two areas of their own choosing, gaining valuable fundamental knowledge and practical skills to support them as they start their key stage 4 courses in these subjects.

These SIS subjects will form two of the option choices for key stage 4. The remaining two choices, from the EBACC subjects, will be made in the summer term of year 9.

Below are videos providing information on each of the available EBACC subjects, and a general options information video. There is also an options booklet outlining the information for each subject.

The key dates in this process for year 9 are:

Monday 16th May at 3pm when the options selection window opens.

Friday 27th May at 3pm when the options selection window closes.