The Skills Action Service (SAS) is a two-year programme for year 7 and 8. SAS provides students in year 7 and 8 with the opportunity to explore various skills that can be hard to teach in the classroom. In designing this enrichment opportunity, we are ensuring that students have the opportunity to immerse themselves into new projects and skills often outside their comfort zone. All the while developing crucial skills such as the ability to be inquisitive and build resilience as students learn new skills.

SAS encourages students to develop their social skills, particularly as students in year 7 and 8 are required to work together on projects. Exposure to new opportunities also supports students in developing their independence and confidence when approached with new challenging situations. All these opportunities allow students to continue developing key social skills to support and utilise in future careers.

Students will have the ability to work with students in both year 7 and 8 on projects that require specialist skills. Over the course of each term they will be challenged to various tasks such as learning to put up a tent to cooking new dishes.

Students will develop key skills and in particular build upon our Tudor Habits. These learning and character habits will rotate around these curriculum areas to help students to understand how the six habits resilient, inquisitive, responsible, respectful, hardworking and aspirational vary within the different SAS opportunities.


SIS is a programme of study for year 9 in which students start to explore their specialist interest subjects which they will continue to study as part of their GCSEs. Students select these subjects in year 8 and complete a year course in developing their key ideas.

The curriculum also aims to increase learners cultural capital – full breadth of the National Curriculum exposes students to a wider range of knowledge. They will study, languages, humanities, reciprocal reading, drama, music, art, DT in Y9. These are vitally important subjects – reference points for life and for other subject areas.

Students are assessed using the Tudor Habits and demonstrating the skills in which they have learnt over the term.