Hospitality & Catering


Level 1/2 Award in Hospitality & Catering

Course Code 5569   QA UNIT 1 5569UB  UNIT 2 5569U2

WJEC Level 1/2 Vocational Awards enables students to gain knowledge, understanding and skills relating to a specific vocational sector of Hospitality & Catering. This qualification also supports students to develop the essential employability skills that are valued by employers, further and higher education.

This course is broken up into two units:

Unit 1 The Hospitality and Catering Industry, this is a paper-based assessment that is marked externally.

Unit 2 Hospitality and Catering in Action, this is marked internally.

Unit 1: The Hospitality and Catering Industry

This unit provides a broad introduction to the vocational sector in a way that is purposeful and develops a range of transferable skills.

Five areas of learning

LO1 Understand the environment in which hospitality and catering providers operate

LO2 Understand how hospitality and catering provisions operate

LO3 Understand how hospitality and catering provision meets health and safety requirements

LO4 Know how food can cause ill health

LO5 Be able to propose a hospitality and catering provision to meet specific requirements

Students will apply their learning by considering all aspects of the vocational sector. They will acquire knowledge of all aspects of the industry and be able to propose new hospitality and catering provision for specific locations. Students will be able to use their learning of different types of establishment and job roles to determine the best option. They will then apply their learning in relation to front of house and kitchen operations to determine how the proposed hospitality and catering provision will operate efficiently legally and financially viably whilst meeting the needs of their potential market.

The exam is 90 minutes and is worth 90 marks.

Unit 2: Hospitality and Catering in Action

Three areas of learning

LO1 Understand the importance of nutrition when planning menus

LO2 Understand menu planning

LO3 Be able to cook dishes

Students will apply their learning to safely prepare, cook and present nutritional dishes. They will draw on their learning of different types of provision and kitchen and front of house operations in Unit 1, as well as personal safety in their preparations. The content is relevant not only to employees within food production, but also those with a responsibility for food safety in the industry, nutritionists and managers and owners. This extends the students appreciation of the whole vocational area beyond the kitchen environment.

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