Tudor Habits

At Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst we know that to flourish in life you need much more than great grades. We believe that the personal development of our students is integral to success, and the Tudor Habits represent the behaviours that our students require to prosper in later life.

All staff at Kingshurst are committed to driving the Tudor Habits. The ‘Learning Habits’ strengthen our students’ ability to be: hardworking; inquisitive and resilient, whilst the ‘Character Habits’ encourage our students’ to be: respectful; responsible and aspirational.

Tudor Habits

The Learning Habits


I focus on tasks and complete work to the best of my ability every lesson. I want to improve and I understand that this will help me to become successful.


I show an interest in lessons and enjoy learning. My curiosity leads me to ask questions and seek out new information.


I do not give up. I understand that many aspects of school life can be challenging but I am committed to overcoming these challenges.

The Character Habits


I understand that my actions can have an impact on the feelings of others. I do my best to have a positive impact within my classroom, my college and the wider school community.


I consistently make the right decisions. I understand the impact that my actions have on myself and the wider school community and want this impact to be positive.


I set myself goals and understand how to achieve these goals. My goals may change throughout my time at Kingshurst but I will never stop working hard to achieve them.

Rewarding Good Habits

The Tudor Habits are at the heart of rewards here are Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst. Students who demonstrate the Tudor habits will receive praise points and stickers. Students that have a significantly positive impact on the school community are recognised and praised though letters home and regular college assemblies.

What Our Students Say:

“The Tudor Habits show us how to become better students and more rounded individuals not just within the school but during normal life too. They show us that we can become better than what we were yesterday and how we can be ready for tomorrow.”
– Ben Jones. Pankhurst College

“I like them because they encourage students to try their best and when they do, the classroom is quieter, the students are more behaved.”
– Anthony Harris. Hawking College