Student Quotes

I really enjoyed the course and it definitely helped me prepare for university. I could not have achieved what I have without the support from the staff at the Academy

Post-16 at Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst is made up of a wonderful community of students and teachers

This opportunity gave me an advantage when applying to universities as it showed I was able to work in a team and also work to a university standard

The Academy's modern facilities mean that you can truly get the most out of your course

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with extra-curricular activities

The encouragement from the Academy to get involved with extra-curricular activities and volunteering give students a chance to expand their CVs and make their applications and personal statements stand out

Support given to students, both academically and emotionally, is outstanding

Those with ambition even have the opportunity to make a global difference, with trips to Zambia (to undertake voluntary work with a Zambian school that has links to the college) and Geneva, Switzerland (to participate in debates held by the Students’ League of Nations in the UN Building)

Helping the community, within college and the surrounding area, develops valuable skills and can hone new interests

Staff at the college are approachable, and are happy to do everything they can to ensure that students are comfortable, content and coping with their studies

The academy rewards you for pushing yourself and reaching your full potential

I can honestly say that studying at the Academy has shaped who I am today, and made me even more determined to be the best person that I can be