Pastoral Programme

Tutor Programme

Our tutor programme is designed to offer all students holistic pastoral and academic support during their time at Sixth Form. We embed activities and routines that support their emotional and mental health; equip them with life skills and knowledge needed to make the transition to adulthood and provide personalised guidance to ensure they achieve their academic potential. Each student is allocated a tutor group for their year. They have tutor time everyday from 8:30am to 8:55 am. Each day they follow a set activity designed to support them. The tutor’s role is:

  • To be a first contact for students and parents/carers about issues or concerns.
  • To monitor Academy standards, including uniform, attendance and punctuality.
  • To provide daily pastoral support for the students.
  • To deliver Life Long Learning sessions that equip students for life beyond the Academy.

Daily Routines

Monday: Admin and notices

The tutor will:

  • Raise any attendance or punctuality concerns with students.
  • Check the students’ uniform is correct and contact home if not.
  • Catch up with each student and make sure they are ready for the week, passing any concerns on to teachers if necessary.
  • Discuss or look at recent news stories to engage with wider world issues.

Tuesday: Information, Advice and Guidance: IAG

The tutor will:

  • Deliver a session about life skills to equip students for life as an adult. These sessions include, among others: stress management, mental health, money management, applying for UCAS, CV writing, healthy relationship etc.
  • Students have a chance to ask questions about the topics and seek individual guidance from their tutor.

Wednesday: Silent reading and Tutorials.

  • Students will have a chance to do some silent reading. A bank of short stories will be made available and they can bring their own book or some subject specific reading too.
  • The tutor will use this time to hold individual tutorials with students to offer bespoke guidance and support.

Sixth Form Tutorials

All students will have one tutorial a term with their tutor during registration time. These are designed to offer personalised pastoral and academic support for each student. The content of a tutorial will be both on the overall mental and emotional health of the student, and on ways to support their academic progress to ensure they achieve their desired destination.

Thursday: Independent Study time.

  • This is an opportunity for students to catch up on some independent work in a silent space with computer access.
  • The tutor will circulate to support.
  • The tutor may also use this time to hold individual tutorials with students to offer bespoke guidance and support.

Friday: Quiz!

  • All tutor groups compete in a quiz based on current affairs. The results are sent to Mr Bowers and the winners over the term get a prize!