Policies & Procedures

This page details the various post-16 policies and procedures in place to protect both ourselves and you. These are in addition to the academy’s policies and procedures found here.

TGA Kingshurst Sixth Form Policies

Name Version Last Rectified Download
16-19 Bursary Policy - 2022-23 16-19-Bursary-Policy-TGAK-2022-23.pdf 1.1 13-07-2022 Download
BTEC Appeals Procedure TGAK-BTEC-Appeals-Procedure-2021-22.pdf 1.1 28-01-2022 Download
Sixth Form IT Acceptable Use Policy Sixth-Form-IT-Acceptable-Use-Policy-2020.pdf 1.1 19-06-2020 Download
Sixth Form Malpractice and Academic Honesty Policy Sixth-Form-Malpractice-and-Academic-Honesty-Policy-2021-22.pdf 1.1 28-01-2022 Download
Sixth Form Student and Parent Handbook Sixth-Form-Student-and-Parent-Handbook-2021-22.pdf 1.1 28-01-2022 Download
Sixth Form Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure Sixth-Form-Student-Conduct-and-Disciplinary-Procedure-2021-22.pdf 1.0 28-01-2022 Download
Year 12 Sixth Form Dress Code Policy 2022-2023-TGAK-Sixth-Form-Dark-Grey-and-Black-Year-12-Uniform-Dress-Code-Booklet.pdf 1.0 16-06-2022 Download
Year 13 Sixth Form Dress Code Policy 2021-2022-TGAK-Sixth-Form-Dark-Grey-and-Black-Year-12-Uniform-Dress-Code-Booklet.pdf 1.0 11-08-2021 Download