Remote Learning

If at any point a Sixth Form student is away from the Academy for COVID-related circumstances, a ‘Remote Learning’ platform has been developed in order to ensure that they are able to engage with their learning and continue to progress throughout the duration of any period of absence.

The primary method of students engaging with their learning requires the use of Microsoft Teams and is therefore consistent with that of the system used by that of the lower school.

ALL Sixth Form students have a log-in for Microsoft Teams that be accessed via website and have received training on how to access this system several weeks ago alongside the every other student within the Academy.

This system does not require any additional set of usernames or passwords and instead uses the same information that students would use to log-in to any computer within the Academy and can be accessed by any device from a mobile phone, through to full-sized desktop computer!

The expectation from all students is that they will study during the allotted time-frames and hours that their lessons are timetabled to take place in order to permit continuity throughout any period away from the Academy.

Lessons will take place in a variety of contexts that will utilise a range of interactions. This will incorporate:

  • ‘Live’ lessons being taught at the time where the lesson would have occurred during the student’s timetable.
  • Pre-recorded lesson content being recorded by a teacher.
  • Tasks and resources being uploaded to the Microsoft Teams system in a clear and logical manner of which for students to access and determine with ease.
  • A combination of some or all of the above.

Students can also contact their teachers via the messaging function on Microsoft Teams or via their Academy email address during the same point in time where their lesson would have occurred in order to receive support from their member of staff responsible for them, or further clarification and guidance of the task being completed.

Video Tutorials

Getting on to Microsoft Teams – A Student Perspective (5 mins):

Attending a ‘Meeting’ (Lesson) on Teams as a Student (4 mins):

Bromcom – A guide to logging-on:

Key Downloads

DOWNLOAD: Logging into Microsoft Teams

DOWNLOAD: Guidance to Remote Learning

DOWNLOAD: BromcomVLE Login Help Guide

Accessing Microsoft Teams

If you are having trouble accessing the Microsoft system, please contact the Sixth Form Administrator, directly at [email protected]

Laptop Ownership

If you do not own a laptop or tablet device and need to make us aware of this, please contact me directly at [email protected]